What led us here?

Kia Ora, 

My name is Eduardo Zanata, Founder of The Hemp Hub NZ, and in this post, I'll tell you a bit more about our project.

It is not a secret that the Covid-19 outbreak is having a major impact on the global economy. Local and small businesses worldwide have been affected in many different ways. Some were forced to close their doors, and those who managed to survive are still in need of support and help to go through these unprecedented times.

With this in mind and our passion for a magical plant called Hemp, we decided to create a tool “a Hub” where local companies from the Hemp industry in NZ could connect, join forces, and together overcome the new challenges ahead.


Our Passion led us here and that’s how the HemHub NZ was born.

The idea behind the Hemp Hub is to strengthen the relationship between local hemp-product-makers and Kiwi customers, to create a win-win relationship between the participants and to educate our community about the benefits and potential of this plant.

As stated by Hemp Connect (One of our supporters):

"The future of the hemp industry looks brighter than it ever has. The end consumer is now valuing the environmental factors that were once ignored. The immense potential of this plant is being realised across the world and New Zealand is starting to pay attention. Hemp’s potential for farmers, the environment and people’s health creates a bright future for the industry.”

The Hemp Hub NZ, as the name suggests, will act on multiple layers of our market and it’ll be a place to learn, share, sell, and buy everything Hemp. 

We’ve decided to set the bar as high as we could and we will only work with New Zeland made 100% natural products!

In Summary, we’ll have three main goals:

  • We are committed to use our website and social media channels to educate and share as much information about hemp as we can.
  • We intend to create new job opportunities for hemp enthusiasts and new entrepreneurs around New Zealand.
  • We support NZ SME and help them to grow and thrive in the Hemp Industry.

So, if you’re a hemp enthusiast or an entrepreneur minded person looking for an opportunity to join the hemp industry. We want to hear from you!

I also leave an invitation for all Hemp Product Makers in NZ to contact us and join our project.

I hope this article was helpful and inspiring.

"He Waka Eke Noa"

We're in this boat together - Te Reo Maori

Many Thanks


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