RUM-esque  750ml
RUM-esque  750ml

RUM-esque 750ml

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Handcrafted in Hawke's Bay - NZ, Terps & Co makes you lose Booze, not the feels.

Our Rum-esque takes influence from the classic spiced rum experience. With distilled extracts of cassia bark, clove, and citrus peel, this rich, warming spirit is right at home with cola, over ice, or in your favorite cocktail.

Alcohol-free drinks are refreshing, sure, but water will do that. Whether you’re out all night, around the barbecue, or nestled into your comfy chair, Terps & Co gives you more feeling from every sip.

Harnessing the elevating properties of the terpenes found in fruits, herbs, and plants, this will take you to places that tonic water and lime never dreamed of.

Alcohol-free - non-intoxicating - Terpene based spirits