Hemp Seed Oil Capsules (240x1000 mg)
Hemp Seed Oil Capsules (240x1000 mg)
Hemp Seed Oil Capsules (240x1000 mg)

Hemp Seed Oil Capsules (240x1000 mg)

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Hemp Connect Hemp Seed Oil is slowly cold-pressed & filtered to ensure a smooth oil that is the best in the market. Hemp Seed Oil is nutritionally jam-packed and especially favoured because of its high load of Omega-3 & Omega-6, in the perfect 1:3 ratio and the presence of the anti-inflammatory Omega-6 GLA.

This translucent green oil has a light nutty flavour and buttery undertones making it the perfect addition to both sweet and savoury for a flavoursome supplement hit. Drizzle Hemp Seed Oil over your dips, salads, pastas, stews, soups, dressing and even in smoothies and sweet treats.

Hemp Seed Oil is also popular in cosmetics as it is non-comedogenic does not clog pores), emollient, natural and clean label.

Why we love it?

• Contains all 9 essential amino acids

• Anti-Inflammatory GLA

• Stabilises blood sugar levels

• Nourishes skin, hair and joints

• Helps maintain cholesterol levels

• Lots of vitamins and minerals