About us

Our Passion for Hemp led us here and that’s how the HempHub NZ was born.

Kia Ora beautiful people!!! 


Welcome to the HempHub and we hope you enjoy your stay :)

The HempHub was created inspired by the health benefits and the many eco-friendly applications this incredible plant has.

Hemp is super healthy! It has nutrients for your Brain, Heart, Immune System and Skin, it’s one of the best sources of plant based protein in the world and it has many different uses and ways we can benefit from it.

Not only that, Hemp has many industrial applications for cosmetics, fibre, fabric, fuel, plastic substitutes and even construction.

It's almost too hard to believe that only one plant could bring so many benefits and potentially be the solution for many of our health and environmental problems.

When it comes to its crop, hemp also uses very little water to grow, it gives back to the soil a lot of it’s nutrients on a process called phytoremediation and it sucks 4x times more carbon than other trees.

With that in mind, the HempHub was born. We work together with a selection of NZ and AUS companies to bring you an awesome natural range of Hemp-Based superfoods, terpene infusions, cosmetics, sports and health supplements and also hemp fashion.

We are hempsters, hemp enthusiasts and educators on a mission to break the stigma and misconceptions and share our knowledge and the ways people can benefit from Hemp, live a healthier life and find balance with nature to prepare our land for the generations to come.

Hemp is good for the People and for the planet, it is healthy and sustainable.

And we are the HempHub, a place for everything Hemp!


    "He Waka Eke Noa"

    We're in this boat together - Te Reo Maori

    Many Thanks and Hempy regards

    Eduardo Zanata - Founder of the Hemp Hub