Protein Powder - Chocolate (500 g)
Protein Powder - Chocolate (500 g)
Protein Powder - Chocolate (500 g)

Protein Powder - Chocolate (500 g)

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Growth + Goodness

Hemp Connect Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder is a delicious, easy to use, and a source of high-quality plant protein. These Chocolate flavored protein powders use a 73% hemp protein powder blended with natural flavors resulting in a delicious blend pulsing with protein.

This makes it the perfect base for smoothies such as peanut butter, chocolate, coffee, banana, or even berry if you dare!

Chocolate Protein Powder can also be used as an ingredient in porridges, smoothie bowls, bliss balls, and for baking all sorts of sweet treats!

The limit is your imagination!

Why we love it?

• Good source of protein • Low in fat & sugar• 2 delicious flavors• Made with certified organic protein powder• Highly digestible• Plant-based protein• GMO-free• Spray-free• 9 essential amino-acids• Easy to use

Storage: Store in a cool dark place. After opening please consume within 3 months.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Hemp Protein Powder (81%), Cocoa (12%), Natural Chocolate Flavour, Natural Sweetener (Thaumatin)