Vodka-vibe  750ml

Vodka-vibe 750ml

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Looking for a way to enjoy a refreshing, rewarding drink without going overboard? Still want that clean, crisp spirit that's right at home with OJ, over ice, or in your favourite cocktail?

Vodka-vibe is influenced from the classic Polish vodka experience – just don't freeze it, as there's no alcohol in this concoction. With distilled extracts and a light clean finish with a hint of pepper, this spirit is right at home by the shot or in your favourite mocktail. Vodka-vibe is the most convincing alcohol-free replacement for vodka you can find. 

Handcrafted in Hawke's Bay New Zealand, Terps & Co's Vodka-vibe alcohol-free spirit makes you lose booze, not the feels.

Alcohol-free - non-intoxicating - terpene based spirits

How to use

Simply replace the vodka in any drink and cocktail with Vodka-vibe to achieve a mocktail that's just as tasty as its alcoholic cousin. Can also be enjoyed in shots.


A proprietary blend of terpenes, essential oils, and water.


Terps & Co alcohol-free spirits give you more feeling from every sip by harnessing the elevating properties of terpenes, naturally occurring scents and flavours found throughout nature in fruits, herbs, and plants. Examples of terpenes include limonene from citrus fruit peels and pinene from trees.